Chinese UFO Spotted Again Near Baotou Airport

Chinese UFO Spotted Again Near Baotou Airport

Witnesses report Chinese UFO near the Baotou airport and some are questioning what the sightings are about.

UFO sightings are now common for the Chinese after eight reported incidents in recent months. Another major Chinese airport was forced to shut to prevent passenger planes crashing into the UFO. However, what does all this mean?

Witnesses say they saw a bright light shining in the sky close to Baotou airport, Inner Mongolia. The light zoomed into a circle around the airport before vanishing a short time later, as captured in amateur footage uploaded to YouTube. Although the video footage is very dim and hard to see.

The airport was shut for around an hour for safety reasons, a spokesman said. Three flights to Baotou from Shanghai and Beijing were forced to circle the airport until the object disappeared.

Two other flights were diverted from Baotou. It’s the eighth reported UFO sighting in China in the past four months.

In July planes were grounded and flights diverted away from Xiaoshan airport in Hangzhou City, China, after a mysterious glowing object appeared on air traffic controllers’ radar systems.

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