Man At Airport With Explosives Arrested In Texas

Man At Airport With Explosives Arrested In Texas

Man Airport Explosives Texas – A man was busted at the Midland International Airport with C-4 explosives in Texas and is active in the United States military but recently returned from after serving in Afghanistan.

He was attempting to pass through a security checkpoint with the potentially dangerous device that had military-grade wrapping.

TSA officials apprehended the soldier around 9:30 a.m., upon noticing a suspicious device in his carry-on during the security checkpoint.

According to the agency, they immediately shut down the area in order to remove the item from the man’s luggage and take him into custody in order to investigate the situation further.

The suspect is currently active in the US military and recently returned home from serving in Afghanistan. During this time, he was traveling with his family and visiting other relatives prior to heading back to his North Carolina base.

Authorities in Texas are continuing to investigate why the man had C-4 in his possession at the airport. However, they do not believe that our national security is under a threat.

Composition C4 is made of plasticizer, plastic binder, explosives, and commonly odorizing tagging chemicals. It can only be detonated with a combination of a shockwave and extreme heat. An advantage of this explosive is that it can be pressed into cracks, gaps and voids in bridges, buildings, machinery or equipment. In addition, it can be inserted with little effort into empty shaped charge cases like ones used by engineers in the military.

However, this could also set an example of what can happen whenexplosives fall into the wrong hands.

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