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Latest news on Entertainment with a variety of breaking news headlines for Friday, March 4, 2016.

Nicholas Meyer Nicholas Meyer Joining Writing Staff Of New Star Trek Series At CBS TV Network

Nicholas Meyer, the man who probably deserves more credit than anybody for the longevity of Star Trek, has joined the writing staff of Bryan Fuller’s new Trek TV series. Meyer, was part of a new press release from CBS, according […]

Todd Courser Cindy Gamrat Todd Courser Cindy Gamrat: Two Michigan GOP Politicians Facing Felony Charge After Affair

Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, the Republican politicians who were ousted in September, are now facing felony charges. The two Michigan lawmakers were forced out of office due to an affair and a bizarre cover-up could face five to 15 […]

Pokemon 20 Years Pokemon 20 Years: Nintendo Pokemon Still More Than Phase For Gamers

Pokemon 20 years in the making is definitely now more than just a phase that kids were going through. Back in the late 1990s, it was difficult to understand why Pokemon caught on with so many people around the world, […]

Finn Jones Iron Fist Finn Jones Iron Fist: Game Of Thrones Actor Takes On Marvel Role For Netflix Series

Finn Jones is Iron Fist in a Marvel superhero series made for television. Jones, who plays Ser Loras Tyrell on the HBO hit, will take on the role of the martial arts master in the upcoming Netflix series, according to […]

Levi Johnston Custody Levi Johnston Custody Hearing Against Bristol Palin Amid $100K Lawyer Fees

Levi Johnston’s custody battle has ended after years of arguing. Levi has reached an agreement over his son Tripp, now 7, with Bristol Palin, according to Yahoo News. In 2009, Levi announced that he was going to sue his high […]

Mortal Kombat Secret Menus Mortal Kombat Secret Menus: Multiple Hidden EJB Menus Found In Arcade Box After Twenty Years

Mortal Kombat secret menus have been a rumor in the video game for over 20 years. The EJB secret menus, named for series co-creator Ed J. Boon, have been sitting unknown and hidden in the first three arcade cabinets of […]

Prince In Oakland Prince In Oakland Concert Kicks Off North American Tour ‘Piano And A Microphone’ From Theatre

The Prince in Oakland concert to kick off his North American tour has been set. Paramount Theatre in Oakland will host the first show of the singer-songwriter’s Piano and a Microphone tour on Sunday, Feb. 28 with back-to-back shows. Prince […]

Demi Lovato Rape Victims Demi Lovato Rape Victims: Pop Singer Takes Action On Instagram In Light Of Kesha’s Case With Sony

Demi Lovato is taking action by speaking for rape victims in light of Kesha’s trial against Sony. Lovato has posted a lengthy statement on her Instagram that clarified her tweets, which were taken as an attack on Taylor Swift, as […]

Saint West Picture Saint West Picture: Kim Kardashian Shares Adorable Picture Of Little Baby Sleeping With Arms Raised

A Saint West picture was shared by Kim Kardashian on her website Monday morning. The image shows Saint sleeping soundly with his arms raised above his head as he wears a cozy white outfit, according to Daily Mail. The Saint […]

Paris Jackson Paris Jackson Changes Image With Dyed Blonde Hairdo Embraced By Fans In New Photo

Paris Jackson has completely transformed her image as she cut off her hair and dyed it blonde. The daughter of pop legend Michael Jackson, who died in 2009, looks totally different in a number of pictures shared on Instagram as […]

Doctor Strange Benedict Cumberbatch Doctor Strange: Is Benedict Cumberbatch In New Marvel Movie As ‘Doctor’ With Ejiofor

It’s ‘Doctor Strang’e as Benedict Cumberbatch after leaked photos were released this week. Cumberbatch is the Sorcerer Supreme, in full uniform, after he was spotted on the streets of London wearing a red robe on a film set, according to […]

50 Cent Instagram 50 Cent Instagram: Images Of Cash Posted On Instagram Orders Rapper Back To Bankruptcy Court

A 50 Cent Instagram has prompted a bankruptcy just to order the rapper back to court. The Instagram photos clearly shows stacks of cash everywhere in his house, including his bedroom, refrigerator, and living room, according to Yahoo News. 50 […]

Harper Lee has died. She was 89. Harper Lee Lived Life In Private After ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Novel

Harper Lee, author of the “To Kill a Mockingbird” that became standard reading for millions of young people and an Oscar-winning film, has died. She was 89. Lee died Friday, publisher HarperCollins said in a statement. It did not give […]