Tropical Storm Fiona Projected Path

By: Kara Gilmour
Staff Writer
Published: Sep 2, 2010

Tropical storm Fiona projected path aims Bermuda early Saturday, according to National Hurricane Center.

Tropical storm Fiona projected path. Fiona is moving northwest at 17 miles per hour as the tropical storm moves near Bermuda. The tropical storm's projected path puts Fiona crossing Bermuda early Saturday.

Storm Fiona is located about 610 miles, south of Bermuda, according to the National Hurricane Center. It is moving toward the northwest near 17 mph. The storm will turn toward the north later tonight.

Fiona has maximum sustained winds near 50 mph with higher gusts. The Naitonal Hurricane Center said "little change in strength is forecast during the next 48 hours." On the present rack Fiona's projected path remains a threat only to Bermuda.

Projected path of the storm can change, but the NHC expects Fiona to turn northeast on Saturday. This will place the storm away from the eastern seaboard of the United States. The tropical storm is also expected to decrase in forward speed.