Mike Edwards ELO Band Member Dies

Mike Edwards ELO band member died after a 1,300-pound hay bale rolled into the path of his van.
Mike Edwards ELO band member dies. Mike Edwards, a former cellist with ELO, was killed in an accident and died on Monday. Edwards was killed from a hay bale that rolled into the path of his van.

ELO band member Michael Edwards was 62. He died in southwestern England on Monday in a car crash involving a large bale of hay. The hay weighed 1,323 pounds.

Another vehicle was also involved in the crash. However, there were no other injuries reported, according to Devon and Cornwall police. The crash closed the road near Halwell in the country’s southwestern region. Electric Light Orchestra was formed in Birmingham, England, and enjoyed success in the 1970s with its blend of modern rock, pop and classical music.

Edwards played cello in the British rock band between 1972 and 1975. Sgt. Steve Walker of the Devon and Cornwall Police said he was driving a van Friday when he collided with the 1,300-pound bale of hay. His vehicle had rolled down a hill to the road.

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