Walking Dead Writing Staff Fired From TV Series

Walking Dead Writing Staff Fired From TV Series

Walking Dead Writing Staff Fired – Frank Darabont Plans To Run The TV Series By Himself.

Walking Dead writing staff fired from TV series. Frank Darabont has reportedly fired the entire writing staff for The Walking Dead. In addition, Darabont also released Charles Eglee, his second in command.

Darabont intends to write most of the Season 2 scripts himself and contract out the rest to freelancers. The zombie drama’s first-season finale will be shown Sunday. Although it’s normal for a show to release a few writers, it’s a rare move for a showrunner to fire his entire staff.

He wrote two of the show’s Season 1 episodes solo, and co-wrote or rewrote the remaining four. Of those four, two were written by non-staff writers. He appears that he is adopting the freelance writing model used by Torchwood, which has a showrunner but no writing staff.

However, Torchwood is produced by the BBC, a network that often uses this staff model, and the show received permission from the Writers Guild of America to continue using it in the United States. The Walking Dead does not have such a background, so the WGA might be reluctant to give Darabont a similar deal. The Season 1 finale of The Walking Dead will be broadcast Sunday, at 10 p.m., on AMC.

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