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Lakeland Alligator Found In Lake Hunter With Dead Human Remains In Florida

A Lakeland alligator shocked Florida residents at Lake Hunter after they witnessed the large creature trying to pull a human body underwater. The Lakeland Police Department Wednesday released a recording of the call. “I’d hurry up, I’ve got a dead […]

Suspect Attacked By Alligator After Eluding Police

A suspect who left his vehicle to elude capture by officers during a traffic stop in Florida was attacked by an alligator and then arrested. Pinellas County sheriff’s deputies said Bryan Zuniga, 20, fled on foot during a traffic stop […]

Alligator Found In Detroit After Being ‘Dumped’ Off As Trash

An alligator has been found in the city of Detroit after being dumped off as trash in an area where neighbors are used to people seeing garbage, but they noticed something that was 5 feet long and crawling around on […]

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