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Canadian Man Smuggled Turtles Canadian Man Smuggled Turtles: Suspect Fined, Placed On Two-Year Probation For Reptiles

A Canadian man who smuggled turtles earlier this month in his pants has been fined $3,500 and placed on probation for two years. Dong Yan of Windsor, Ont., was convicted earlier this month of illegally importing reptiles into Canada that […]

Evelyn Waugh Time Evelyn Waugh’s Time Magazine Reference Becomes Embarrassment In Editor’s 100 Most-Read Female Writers

Evelyn Waugh’s Time magazine reference became an embarrassing error in its 100 most-read female writers in college classes. Waugh made the list and joined the ranks with Kate L. Turabian and Diana Hacker, authors of several writing manuals, followed by […]

Ghetto Party Fairfield Ghetto Party Fairfield University: Campus Officials Livid Over ‘Ghetto’ Beach Event

A Ghetto Party at Fairfield University in Connecticut is being investigated. Students hosted a ghetto themed beach party that happened off-campus, but witnesses said they attended the event Saturday night wearing baggy pants and gold chains with costumes that were […]

Toddler Sentenced To Life Toddler Sentenced To Life: Family Relieved Over Mistaken Identity Of Toddler After Going Into Hiding

A toddler was sentenced to life in Egyptian, but now the 3-year-old and his family are relieved. Officials say the toddler nor his father will be arrested for a crime after nearly 18 months on the run, according to Atlanta […]

San Francisco Agent Lost Gun San Francisco Agent Lost Gun: ICE Agents Searching For Lost Service Weapon Left On Car

A San Francisco agent’s lost gun has police scrambling after he left it on top of his car before driving off. The agent, for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, reported his service weapon missing in the Ingleside neighborhood Friday morning, according […]

81-Year-Old Chases Robbers 81-Year-Old Chases Robbers After Taking Purse From Rite Aid Elderly Patron

An 81-year-old chases robbers after the purse-snatching bandits ran off with her purse. The Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania suspects are now facing a flew of charges after the elderly victim tried to stop them by chasing them with her own car, […]

100 Bodies Prison Sewer 100 Bodies In Prison Sewer From Reported Cases Of Missing Persons In Colombia

More than 100 bodies found in a prison sewer has prompted an investigation by the Colombia government. Prosecutors are looking into 100 reported cases of disappearances from a jail in Bogota between 1999 and 2001, according to CNN. Prosecutors think […]

Civil Servant Six Years Civil Servant Six Years: Civil Worker Gets Paid Sick Pay In Spain Undetected For Several Years

A civil servant, for six years, continued to earn a paycheck that had gone unnoticed. The servant in Spain now must pay back more than $30,000 after it was discovered he hadn’t shown up for work, according to Mashable. The […]

Man Throws Gator - Joshua James, 23, arrested in Florida Man Throws Gator: Why Did This Suspect Bring An Alligator Into Wendy’s?

A man throws a gator through the drive-thru window at a Florida Wendy’s fast-food restaurant, according to USA Today. Joshua James, 24, was picking up his order before grabbing a 3 1/2 foot gator from the back of his truck. […]

Ghost Passengers In Japan Ghost Passengers In Japan: Several Taxi Drivers Reporting Unusual Passengers Climbing Into Cabs

‘Ghost passengers’ in Japan are being reported by several taxi drivers in the town of Ishinomaki. Passengers in the Northern region of the country are hitching a ride from drivers with an unusual destination, according to FOX News. A few […]

Gold Bar Lake Gold Bar Lake: German Teen Allowed To Keep $18K Gold Bar Found During Swim Near Shore

A gold bar in a lake found by a teenage girl in Germany is worth $18,000. The gold was found by the girl while swimming near the shore of Bavaria’s Koenigssee late last August, and now she will be able […]

Father Son Ice Father Son Ice: Search Teams Find Dead Man With Boy After Fall

A father and son ice incident prompted a search and rescue team looking for two individuals. Two people fell into the ice and were found dead by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office dive team, according to FOX News. David Michael […]

Calif Cliff Collapse Calif Cliff Collapse: Residents Find Backdoors To Apartments Falling Into Sea

A Calif. cliff is near collapse as many residents in Pacifica are being forced to leave their homes. The cliff side residents found the ground outside their backdoors falling into the sea, and the city has declared a state of […]