​Australia Neighbors Fight With Samurai Sword And Chainsaw

​Australia Neighbors Fight With Samurai Sword And Chainsaw

Two young frustrated neighbors in Australia decided to fight each other with a chainsaw and samurai sword, with both likely to lose a body part, after a brawl between the two homes involving several people.

Troy Thornton, 26, hosted a party at his sister’s home for those who attended a funeral.

According to a report by the Sydney Miami Herald, things got out of control when a neighbor, 29-year-old Mark Jorgensen, complained that the music was too loud.

Members of the Thornton family claimed that a person from the Jorgensen home threatened them by driving a car erratically at them.

Police were called out to both homes to separate the families. The police asked everyone to go back into their own homes.

Several hours later, the feud started right back up after someone from the Jorgensen household tried to break into the Thornton home.

“Basically we ended up all in a brawl,” said Thornton’s sister, Nicole Thornton. “The guys from next door. By then there was 20 of them with bats, swords and poles.”

Troy Thornton decided to grab a chainsaw after Mark Jorgensen and several other men started arguing with his mother and two sister’s.

Jorgensen cut one of Thornton’s fingers off with a samurai sword for stepping in.

Thornton struck Jorgensen in the arm with the chainsaw severing it to the point he may lose it.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Brett said that the situation was “horrific.”

“A chainsaw is a serious weapon which inflicts pretty brutal injuries,” said Brett, who continued to say that “it is too early to say who’ll be charged.”

The funeral had been for Nicole Thornton’s partner who had passed away after a boating accident.

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