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Latest news on Politics with a variety of breaking news headlines for Friday, March 4, 2016.

New Zealand Flag Referendum New Zealand Flag Referendum: 2nd Stage Voting Begins On Silver Fern Flag For Postal Ballot

A New Zealand flag referendum for voting has begun in the second stage. The public will have until March 24 to send in a postal ballot on whether to change their national flag by choosing to keep the current or […]

Donald Trump Mussolini Donald Trump Mussolini: Quote Causes Stir Following Retweet By Trump

Donald Trump’s Mussolini quote that was retweeted: “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.” The tweet was created by a parody account, including Trump’s handle, Yahoo News. The account is named […]

Rick Scott Donald Trump Rick Scott Donald Trump: Vice President Speculation For Trump Aimed At Florida Governor

Rick Scott and Donald Trump may or may not have a lot in common when it comes to politics. Scott is part of a new theory thrown into the Republican presidential race that could make a lot of sense for […]

Ben Carson Raised White Ben Carson Raised White: Did Carson Say The Unthinkable About President Obama?

Ben Carson’s raised white comment has gone viral after talking about President Obama and how he cannot truly understand the African-American experience. Carson made the comments during an interview for Politico’s “Off Message,” which aired Tuesday, according to New York […]

Adele Donald Trump Adele: Donald Trump Must Stop Using Music At Political Rallies

Adele says Donald Trump has been playing my music to fire up his supporters at rallies. Adele wants his fans to know she never gave the billionaire permission to use her songs at political arenas across the country throughout his […]

Ben Carson Ted Cruz Ben Carson Ted Cruz: Did False Rumors Taint Iowa Caucus From One Republican To Another?

Ben Carson accuses Ted Cruz of spreading false rumors during the Iowa caucuses claiming the retired neurosurgeon was suspending his bid for president, in a coordinated effort to seal Cruz’s victory Monday night, according to The Huffington Post. A Carson […]

image Donald Trump Gallup Poll Numbers Suggest Downward Spiral In Republican Results, What About The Democrats?

Donald Trump’s Gallup poll found the Republican presidential frontrunner as the most unpopular candidate of either major U.S. political party when the entire American population is taken into account, according to US News and World Report. The Gallup poll found […]

New Orleans Confederate Monuments New Orleans Confederate Monuments Removed After Landmarks Lose Federal Ruling

New Orleans Confederate monuments will soon be taking them down after a federal court ruling. The lawsuit from the Monumental Task Committee, Louisiana Landmarks Society, Foundation for Historical Louisiana and Beauregard Camp No. 130 challenged whether the city had the […]

Christie Atlantic City Christie Atlantic City Plan Calls For State Takeover Of Gambling Resort

Chris Christie’s Atlantic City plan is to take on a gambling resort in a deal to stave off bankruptcy. Atlantic City mayor Don Guardian had threatened to seek protection from the city’s creditors in bankruptcy court, a prospect that could […]

Clinton On Dealing With Bullies Clinton On Dealing With Bullies: Trump Claims Public Event Staged As Campaign Attack

Clinton on dealing with bullies? It was a rare occurrence that Hillary Clinton got emotional when discussing bullying with a young attendee at her Iowa town hall event on Tuesday. 10-year-old Hannah Tandy questioned the former Secretary of State about […]

Patti Davis Current Candidates Patti Davis Current Candidates: Why Daughter Claims GOP Would Reject Ronald Reagan As Candidate

Patti Davis says current candidates don’t have a clue on what former President Ronald Reagan would think of them. Davis claims that her father would be appalled, and if he were to enter politics today, the GOP would reject him, […]

Jackie Biskupski becomes mayor of Salt Lake City Jackie Biskupski Wins Mayor Election To Make History In Salt Lake City

Jackie Biskupski wins the mayor election in Salt Lake City, becoming the first lesbian to hold office after beating incumbent Ralph Becker. The vote totals show her with 51.5 percent of the vote to Becker’s 48.5 percent, according to The […]

Obama Trump Obama: Trump Not Serious GOP Challenge Or Any Worry For Democrats

President Barack Obama has a lot of on his plate. But when it comes to Donald Trump, Obama doesn’t take him serious as a Republican contender and says the job isn’t for him, according to The Business Insider. Obama was […]