Kucinich Shreds Democrats Over Failed Health Care Bill Disaster

Kucinich Shreds Democrats Over Failed Health Care Bill Disaster

Ohio Democrat Dennis Kucinich spoke out Wednesday stating that the health care bill is “madness.” Kucinich also shreds his fellow Democrats stating that they had better been pay attention to the “wake up call” from voters in Massachusetts. It is another indication that the Democratic leadership has internal fighting going on.

Another problem that Kucinich addressed was that Obama announced he was extending an unlimited credit line to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This decision will keep the finance agencies afloat no matter how high their losses. Kucinich thinks the move is a backdoor way to help banks. He is also leading a congressional subcommittee that’s investigating the Treasury’s decision to cover unlimited losses at the housing finance companies.

Dennis Kucinich was an early opponent of Obama in the 2008 presidential race. The interview was interesting, coming from a die-hard Democrat. For instance, he’s tired of watching public money go for executive bonuses.

“There’s nothing liberal about the bailouts. There’s nothing liberal about standing by and watching banks use public money to get their executive bonuses. There’s nothing liberal about giving insurance companies carte blanche to charge anything they want for health care… Since when did that become liberal?”

Kucinich also said that there is nothing liberal about letting coal and oil write climate change legislation. He might be right on some of these issues. However, what really stuck out was him tone on the health care bill.

“Health care became too complex and too riddled with concessions to insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies,” he said. “It’s really time to take a new direction and that direction has to be back to the American people.”

The Ohio Democrat also believes that they lost the initiative the minute that his own party “jumped into bed with the insurance companies.” He went on to say they were looking at increasing taxes as a way of subsidizing insurance companies. Kucinich said “It’s just madness.”

President Obama And Congress Failed Miserably

What happened in the Massachusetts election was a response to the economic crisis. The Obama administration not only put the health care bill as a priority over the economy, but Democratic leaders held closed door meetings and would not allow Republican transparency. Most Americans want health care reform, but also believe that economy is much more important than health care overhaul.

When Republican Scott Brown won Edward Kennedy’s seat, one of the founders of the health care bill, it sent a message to Congress and President Obama. Obama is visiting states like Ohio making speeches in an effort to do damage control. For most Americans, it’s a little too late, when there’s still more than 10 percent unemployment.

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