​Dutch Man Survives Fall: Sri Lankan Troops Recue Man After Falling Off Cliff

Staff Reporter
Feb. 22, 2015

Dutch man survives fall: It was a fall from a 4,000-foot drop, known as the World’s End in Sri Lanka, as the Dutch man survives the cliff during his honeymoon, according to the New York Daily News. At first glance, this new bride of Mamitho Lendas couldn’t believe what she saw as everything appeared to be in slow motion. Lendas dropped 160 feet and landed on a tree.

“He was extremely lucky because he fell on top of a tree about 130 feet from the top,” army spokesman Brigadier Jayanath Jayaweera said. “He is the first person to survive a fall from World’s End.”

Lendas becomes the first Dutch man who survives a fall from the notorious World’s End. Sri Lankan troops rescued the Dutch honeymooner from the cliff that is one of the country’s main tourist attractions. The site is a major tourist attraction in the Horton Plains National Park of Nuwara Eliya.

The 35-year-old groom had taken a few steps back to take pictures of his new bride when he flew off the unprotected cliff. Troops used ropes to reach the man and winch him to safety. Some 40 soldiers were involved in the initial rescue which was later backed by a military helicopter, according to the Daily Mail.

The man had to be evacuated from the area, however, on the shoulders of troops who carried him over a distance of three miles to the nearest point at which he could be driven to hospital.

“His condition is stable and he is out of danger,” a police official said.

Speaking to press after the Dutch man survived the fall, he said he was very scared.

“It was very scary and very painful as well. (At) the time, I was taking pictures and I had a misstep and I fell down backwards, two times, and then I sat in bushes for like three and a half hours and…[it was] the longest three and a half hours of my life,” Lendas told reporters.

Meanwhile his wife, Linda, praised a Canadian man who spoke to Lendas while he was trapped on the side of the cliff face.

“He just talked to him for hours and we want to say thank you to him and his wife. She helped me very much,” said Lendas’s wife.

It might be the first Dutch man who survives a fall from the World’s End, but this cliff is very dangerous although a key tourist attraction. Last year, a couple fell off the cliff while trying to take a selfie, notes the Examiner. There have been multiple deaths and some suicides involving the famous cliff.

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